Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shady Stuff

I decided to spruce up this little lampshade with a bit of tatting and here is the result!

I had a bit of leftover size10 cotton thread (Cebelia, teal) left on a spool that I had used for something years ago (now, as an aside... I don't tat with size 10 thread often and not at all with Cebelia, but none the less, here you have it - not that I have anything against Cebelia, but I like it more for crocheting than tatting). Where was I? Oh, yes... I had pulled it out to use for experimentation and then got this idea. We've had this little lamp for years and it sits right next to where I often do my work and well, it called to me.

There are three strands fitted around this little lampshade, hanging at various levels. All the strands are shuttle tatted using a lockstitch chain. The top is made of simple motifs, the middle of two sizes of rings and the bottom using groupings of three beads in shades of green, amber and clear. Here's a couple pics:

For one of those off the cuff kind of designs (which is my specialty since I'm not much of a planner when it comes to fiber designing) I was pretty pleased with the result. This makes for one easy project and the possibilities are endless. On a practical note, since the tatting is not sewn or glued on to the shade it can easily be removed for cleaning or for putting somewhere else.

Hmm... that light brown lampshade that sits on my piano is next! (Oh, there is a lamp attached to that shade, btw.)