Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knotty Beaded Necklace - before and after

Just a couple pics of a necklace prototype. It's tatted with size 10 Lizbeth thread with nine leopard skin jasper beads added... oh, 12 if you count the closing beads.

I did this with three strands of tatting..... so I had to start with three shuttles and bobbins. I felt they were picture-worthy!


I did a simple over hand knot making a loop jut big enough to slip something through for the closing. I tend to dislike metal findings so I don't use them if I can find another way. (I think it's due to the fact that my skin is sensitive and breaks out easily with most metals... silver is ok, but the tarnish factor is a nuisance and gold does not bother me, but it's just too expensive to use for most things, especially if I need to pass that cost onto a buyer).


And here's pic of this necklace on the official Crunchy Banana website model (ok, ok, yeah... I gotta find someone else to model my stuff... or maybe get a manequin of some kind... either way they'd do more justice to it than I!!).