Sunday, August 16, 2009

when a good idea goes Annie

You know, every now and then I get really good ideas for some new fiber creation ... and on rare occasion I even impress myself with the results. Then..... it happens! A seemingly good idea goes .. well.. just kinda weird!

I often create crocheted hats with attached droodles or scrumbles of some kind ... this one turned out to be what my husband calls "the Annie Hat", as in little orphan Annie. And he takes great pleasure in donning it and doing his rendition of Tomorrow. I should mention he declined to be photographed wearing the hat for this entry ... the chicken!

For those in the know about yarns and such, I used just over two balls of Bernat Roving in cranberry (80% acrylic, 20% wool), 10mm crochet hook .. oh yes ... it's WARM!! and ... it's HUGE!!

Think what you might... I kinda like it!

Ohh... I added the other pic just to let everyone know my real hair is much less cranberry colored, straighter and not at all Annie-esque.