Thursday, August 13, 2009

How I Spent Money at Chainlink

Ohhh... nothing like the marketplace at a fiber show! Always a new gadget, book, yarn, bead or something to marvel at! Here's what caught my eye...

First, recycled sari silk and banana fiber from Kipuka Trading... cool!

Two crochet hooks, size "U" (25mm). Designed and crafted in Ohio by John Higgins and available from BagSmith. The larger is an 18" Tunisian hook.

Last but not least! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm always on the lookout for (another) project bag! When I saw these I had to get one. A fiber junkie's dream come true bag from Nantucket Bagg Company. All kinds of pockets all the way round. Room in the center for your project(s).

The bag unzips, the pockets switch to the inside, backpack straps come out and you're on the go!

One thing lacking at the marketplace, IMHO, a vendor selling lace making supplies!! Too bad the venue was not able to draw one there. There was a tatting class offered, so surely a vendor might have taken advantage of that momentum, but oh well. Would have great to see a vendor selling tatting shuttles, bobbins, pillows and shall I say it? Thread!!! OK, OK, I'm partial to tatting and think everyone wants to learn .. dont' they?