Friday, June 4, 2010

marketing bag redo

My crafting mojo has been all over the place lately, so during times like these I usually take up some project that doesn't require too much brain power. For some people that's dishcloths. I must admit... I've never crocheted a dishcloth! Not that I have anything against them, mind you, I just would never use one myself so I guess I'm skeptical that others do. I also remember my mother using dishcloths and bleaching them every so often so I'm not sure how well any crocheted cloth would stand up to that.

Oh, I'm a sponge/scrubber kind of dish washing woman, btw. But that's neither here nor there. How did I get on the topic of dishcloths? Oh, yeah... some people love making them when they have leftover yarn, a quick easy project to throw in your bag, etc...

I tend to make purses, pouches, bags big and small. Yes, I am a bag whore (you too can join the Ravelry group by said name if you're so inclined and feel safe and warm with others who share your addiction).

So.... not knowing what else to do I crocheted up this market bag using Peaches & Cream 100% cotton:

Well, I don't know what I was thinking, but I made it too long (one can of beans and it was dragging on the floor) and the way I did the handle made it hard to even get that can of beans in there. I was not pleased.

So ... I unweaved the ends (I never knot anything, but do weave in long ends) and took out about a third of it. I also changed the handles (four rows of slip stitch each) and now I'm very please with the result.

And oh yay! I think I have enough yarn left over for some dishcloths!!