Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I buy at yard sales

It's Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. and at least here in the northeast it's the unofficial start of the Summer season and that means.... yard sales! Here's just a look at some of the things I found as I wandered about my town today. So here's what I do with a couple hours to waste and $5 in my pocket!

I like these Amish dolls. I think they're handmade, there were no "made in China" tags and there was hand stitching in places.
Flower Looms! These vintage books were in great shape, from 1968 -1971. I do think I have a vague memory of these as a kid. They are just too kitschy fun!

Another vintage book (1974) of crocheted and knitted gift items.

And... I know I'll figure out something to do with these! A big baggie full of little wooden plant pots of various sizes.

I did find some other things, like two nice shelves for my shop that I can use for displaying items. Of course, my husband's best buy was a Scalextric racetrack... great fun!