Sunday, April 25, 2010

the making of Crunchy Banana

It's always fun to see before and after pictures of something.... so here you have it! Here are some before pics of what my shop looks like right now!

 Here's the view as you walk in!

 My counter area.

 This will be the workshop space. 

We will take the toilet and sink out of the main area ... though I thought it might be interesting to just leave it there and if someone came in and asked if there was a restroom to just point over to it . :D

Here's a view of the old tin ceiling that was uncovered. As you can see we'll need a few replacement panels.

I can't wait for the after pics! So far about five walls have come down to widen and brighten the space. My current laundry room will be left with no windows since we've given that space over to the shop, but I can do without peering out the window while I fold clothes if it makes my shop brighter. Stay tuned!