Monday, April 19, 2010

bulky cotton

Cotton is my absolute favorite natural. I like the feel, the sheen ... though bamboo is pretty cool too.

This summer I'll be offering a class or two in needle tatting -- which I pretty much gave up once I mastered the shuttle. Needle tatting works especially well when using thicker, bulkier yarns since you don't need to wind it all on a giant tatting shuttle that probably wouldn't get you too far anyway... soooo.... I had found this Laines du Nord Cleo (100 gr. 110m/119 yds) in a sale bin and picked up a few balls. It's a bulky 100% cotton yarn and I loved the shine. To try it out I first crocheted up this filet scarf:

Here's a detail shot:
filet crochet I just filled in a random space every other row, single crochet edging

This yarn seemed like a good candidate to use for brushing up on my needle tatting skills so here's the motif I needle tatted up:

I really like this yarn and it's bulky look. It was, however a bit "splity" to crochet with, but not so much that I'd never use it again.