Tuesday, April 20, 2010

crocheted summer scarves - Opera .. how I will miss ye!

two current project using Opera thread, size 10 and 5 respectively

I was really bummed to hear a few months back that Coats would no longer be making Opera 100% cotton thread. It had to be my absolute favorite crochet thread... beautiful shine, unique twist and super soft... but alas. I bought up as much as I could find and I still search for it now and then.

A couple weeks ago I started up two projects (both summery scarves) using Opera. They are pictured up above together, so here's some close ups:

a pale dusty rose, Opera size 10

close up of my purplicious broomstick scarf in Opera size 5 thread

But ... not to fear... there's always hope... doors close, windows open, that kinda thing. At the recent Finger Lakes Tatting Conference one of the vendors introduced me to Venus. I haven't had a chance to work with it yet, but it looks promising.

Venus cotton thread, although the package says 20, this is a traditional US size 10