Saturday, September 4, 2010

up to the challenge

My color choices for the afghan crochet-a-long
I should say up front that although I've crocheted for errrr... over forty years now, I've only ever made two adult sized afghans in that time. One when I was sixteen and another when I was twenty. The last one I think scarred me for life, since it was made up of what seemed like 500 little granny squares that had to be put together to form a particular pattern. Well, my mother helped me finally finish it cause it was driving me crazy! I swore after that that my projects would be small, throw-in-you-bag kinda things.

With that said, of course... I'm always up for a challenge! So the other day I saw that Bernat was going to do a "mystery afghan" crochet-a-long on their blog. They give you a clue a week and after a couple months worth of that.... you got an afghan! Yes, I know it will mean piecing together... but not 500 little squares, probably 12 or so.

I am ready! The colors above are my choices for the afghan. The main colors will be red and purple. A bit scary not knowing what the result will be, but I can take it! Bring it on!