Tuesday, July 20, 2010

as time goes by

I've been playing for a while with this little heart shaped motif and I thought it would make a nice necklace:
Tatted this one a while back in Cebelia 10 as a tester. Seemed a bit too frilly.

Did a slightly less frilly one with Lizbeth 10.
I thought these would work pretty well for a single motif kind of necklace, and the size 10 thread worked well for that. Then ..... I turned one of the motifs upside down and placed it under the other .... and I really like the look. It reminded me of an hour glass.. so...

Hourglass necklace, size 50 Handy Hands thread in black. Very delicate.It measures about 2" x 1.25" (5cm x 3.5.

You can see here the relative size difference of the size 10 and 50 threads.