Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tatted Edging

easy ring and chain edging

Here's a simple little edging that I came up with the other day as the wind howled and the snow swirled! It's pictured here done in size 10 thread, hand dyed by Karey Solomon of Graceful Arts Fiber Studio. Love her hand dyed threads!

Easy to take along wherever you go and pull out if you've got a few minutes to spare. Also good to have with you if you're out and about and someone asks "Don't you do tatting? That's a lost art!". Not lost at all .... right here in my purse!

Here's the pattern:

Ring: 4ds  1P  2ds  3p  2ds  1P  4ds (reverse)
Chain: 4ds  3p  4ds (reverse and keep repeating)

Join the first P in each chain to the last P in the previous chain. You can notice from the pic that I tend to make the first and past picots (P) in each ring longer than the others (p). I like the look, but by all means experiment and use what works for you.

Here's a more detailed pic:

click me to see more detail!

Happy Tatting!