Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some little things

Haven't had much time to blog lately as life takes over the way it can from time to time. As of late, I've had a short attention span, and have been focussing on smaller projects that I can complete in the matter of a day or so.

A few weeks back I went felting crazy! The results were interesting:

I learned a lot about felting in the process, but needed a break from my felting mania, so I turned as I often do to other projects. I did a series of little "pockets" that are sized for a digital camera, an iPod Touch and credit sized:

Here I experiemented with combining threads and using a tapestry crochet technique. I used size 3 cotton thread for the two pockets on the left, and size 5 cotton thread for the two on the right - I think those are my favorite size threads for crochet! I'm working on finishing up a hat with size 5 purple thread now - pics to come!

Last, but not least, I've started a scarf using a broomstick lace technique. I've used a size 3 cotton thread and a 35mm broomstick lace needle. Here it is in the works: